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I'm Up

Blake and I made it home from Waco about 2 am this morning. The guys on the East Texas Elite clinched a championship title after coming in as the runners up our last two trips to Waco. I'm glad to say we did it, but I'm also glad not to have any plans of traveling back to Waco in the next few weeks. Blake and I have had some really good times, lots of laughter, long talks, and just great quality time on the road together. It's been memories I'll not soon forget, but when you add those long weekend trips into the schedule we are keeping at home I'll be the first to admit how tired I am. I did get the opportunity to sleep for 9 straight hours one night in the hotel and I came to the fields announcing how much I LOVE sleep.

Anyway, I'm home now and that mean that I'm up. Its my turn. Dave did such a good job taking care of Ashley Kate while I was away. She looks SOOOO much better and stronger than she did just a few days ago. We are really excited about that. Today she started moving around the house again and that is a for sure sign that she's on the mend. As I worked on a project for her birthday party at the sewing machine tonight she was under the table and under my feet. I couldn't help but smile. I love to see her feeling better. We made it 48 hours with no growth and I'm waiting to see if we are going to get 72 tonight. Once we make it that long we will continue her med schedule for 10-14 day more days and then things will get a little easier. I'm hopeful she's beat the odds and has cleared those bugs that have everyone so worried.

In exactly one month our baby gherkin will turn 6 years old. Unbelievable. That gives us 4 Saturdays until her party. I am working non stop to get it all done. Its going to be so fun. We are all looking forward to the celebration. Everyone loves Ashley's birthday parties. Each year we have the opportunity to celebrate her life is another year of memories we made with our sweet girl. Every single day is a day to give thanks for. I can't wait for her invitations to arrive!

Its going to be a busy week. Allie has another soccer try out. She has cheer practice and then cheer camp. Ashley and I go back to Shreveport on Wednesday. Blake has work outs and practice all week long. Then the weekend will be back upon us and we will be building away on the midway as we count down the work days till her birthday. We can't wait to see everyone again.

Hope you all enjoyed the holiday. We did a whole lot of nothing special. The kinds of things that have become just so special to my heart. Family life. Nothing tops it. Not in my world anyway. God has been so good to us. So very good.


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