Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Part 7

I just wanted to take a break from the madness of line infections and put some more "happy" on the journal. Just a reprieve from the med schedule for a moment.

The day we spent in Junea was one I know Dave and the kids will never forget. It was life changing! So beautiful. So Exciting. So amazing. So cool. This was one excursion I didn't go on because of my fear of heights and helicopters. Just don't think I could pull this one off so Dave and the kids went. I spent time on the ship with Ash and grandma just enjoying the ship.

Ashley made acquaintances easily on board. Like I said previously I think every one "knew" her. One family in particular was especially kind and taken with her. Always speaking directly to her, always complimenting her outfit, always taking notice of Ash and communicating with her. Such kindness! They had little girls Ashley's age who were very interested in how Ashley got dressed, how she got in her chair, what she ate, etc. etc. They had an extra set of of tickets to the very desired Princess Tea and offered them to us. We were thrilled. So Ash and I spent an afternoon enjoying tea with princess Ariel from The Little Mermaid. I LOVE the pics snapped this day. It made me so happy to have this experience with Ashley Kate.

As I watch Ash be sick and struggle today I'm even more grateful for the time we took to spend away with our family. It is so important to us to make the most out of Ash's life. To give her opportunities to enjoy the world around and experience life. I'll not live with regrets. I'll know that I did my very best to make her happy and give her the best life possible. I'll know that she lived and lived well despite the struggles. Deep in my heart I'll know that I did not waste one day I am given with her.


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