Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Part 3

Formal night was definitely one of my favorites. Its not often that we get all dressed up and go out. Our life is a little more mundane than all of that. So of course it was fun for me to see the kids and Dave all dressed up.

As I scroll through the pictures from the trip I'm just so overwhelmed. I love these people so, so much. The children are amazing, and I know they got all of those amazing qualities from their dad. Seriously, they are simply amazing people. My sweet, sweet Ashley is the most precious thing you've ever seen. She lit up the room on this night. Strangers were taken in by her sweet spirit and they never failed to share their joy with us as they watched her throughout the week.

There were times that I ached so very much as I watched people stare at all the "extras" that accompanied my Ashley through out the week, but seriously it paled in comparison to the sweet expressions shared with us by our fellow passengers. As a mom I wanted so desperately for Ash to enjoy all that the ship had to offer children her age, but I can't change the circumstances that we have been given. The best I can do for my sweet Ashley is to allow her to live life to the full extent that she is able. So I wake up every day and push back the hurts and disappointments so that I can give to Ash all that she gives to me. She so deserves happiness, and this week she was definitely happy.


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