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One of those days

Ash isn't up to much of anything today. She didn't want to get out of her bed until after 12 today. I got her up and dressed and she sat on Dave's lap until he went back in to the office. Now she is lying in the recliner not making a peep. Just kind of lethargic I guess. She's watched Oceans, a few minutes of Tinkerbell, and is now staring at Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with a very confused look on her face(she's never been interested in it before so I think she might not be feeling that well).

I looked over her labs from yesterday and noticed her liver function numbers are all elevated. Just not looking right. I don't know how I missed that yesterday, but i wonder if its all related. I haven't heard a word from Transplant(in almost a month now). I'd be surprised if they called concerned. They don't really have much to do with us at this point since Ash is not active on the waiting list. I've heard nothing about their decision. Still have no idea if they will or will not agree to re-transplant and to be honest I think I don't really want to know. If I did I would have called them by now. I'm not ready for concrete answers. I think all of this has something to do with the struggle I've had over the last couple of weeks. They now have every piece of information to make a decision regarding her future and yet we have not been told what it is.

I don't think Ash is sick, she's just not as animated as she normally is. She's laughing a little, smiling some, but not really in the mood to be too active. Just different than most days. She hasn't asked to play in the water yet today so thats a big indicator to me that maybe she just needs to rest a little bit.

There are so many things I need to be doing for our trip, but instead I'm hanging out in the family room with Ash and doing not much more than laundry. I guess its just one of those days. A day to slow down, catch up on some rest, and take it easy with the gherkin.


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