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Mothering 101

I dare say...yes...I'm going to say it...

You haven't REALLY parented until you have attempted to clean up bright, green bile (spewing from your 5 year olds mouth at an alarming rate) out of the toy bins in your playroom. Seriously, this is mothering at its best. Slimey, green covered, foam ABC's, plastic farm animals, mega blocks, and all forms of various plastic, rubber, and wooden sea life. Oh yeah, lets not forget the xylophone and remaining musical instruments such as maracca's and tamborines.

And... I dare say you have not mastered the art of play until you have learned to not miss a beat in your play as you search for the plastic sheep dog in said bins above all the while your stomach content is projectile style covering all toys in those bins and your mother is trying to catch it in a hand towel to the sounds of Akuna Matatta from the Lion King playing in the background.

Seriously...this is mothering at its best.

By the way, she just emerged from the play room to show me she found it. Plastic sheep dog is now in hand and she is happy.

I'm off to the laundry room for the 100th time today and its only 3pm. Some days I truly wish this girl had a bowel and a correctly functioning anatomy!

Happy parenting to you today:)


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