Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Two weeks from today we will be doing something we haven't done since the birth of Ashley Kate. Two weeks from today we are going on vacation. Get on a plane, leave town, travel thousands of miles, enjoy some days away, make memories with our kids, and relax. At least we are going to attempt to relax.

I can't believe we are going through with this. It was kind of just a passing thought, a dream of sorts, and then we went for it. We jumped. Committed to living a full life with Ashley Kate in spite of the difficulties and all the hoops that have to be jumped through. By the end of this next two weeks I may have to be committed somewhere:)

There are a thousand reasons we could come up with why we shouldn't go. There is only one we can come up with as to why we should go.


Thats the one reason that trumps all those reasons why we shouldn't.

I took this journey almost 6 years ago to do a couple of things. Serve God and bless our family. Those are my goals in life. Do what He calls me to do and be a blessing in the lives of Dave, Blake, Allison, and now our sweet Ashley. Outside of those two things the rest of my world gets blurry and becomes a little distant.

We have been on a long and winding journey that has taken us to extreme heights and to extreme lows. We have gotten up each and every morning of this journey committed to live life fully and intentionally and whole. Ashley has come through some incredibly scary moments and manages to live life with no thought or concern about those things she has lost. She wakes up happy and smiling and full of joy ready to experience life to full extent of her ability. Its because of her way of life that we take this little journey.

So as the school year winds to a close this week, I am busy, busy, busy still trying to make arrangements for all the "extras" that accompany our Ashley as we take this little trip. I'm nervous about making it work on a four hour flight. Not sure how to keep our fellow passengers happy with us as the bile starts coming up and the alarms start beeping and the everyday moments of life with Ash become public, but its going to be an adventure none the less and one that I'm willing to take to give her the opportunity to experience her life fully.

I'm committed. I'm crazy. I'm super excited!


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