Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


The time of her life!

We are home! I think its pretty evident by the look on her face that Ashley Kate has had the time of her life while away. This smile was a very common sight each day on our adventure. Ashley Kate thoroughly enjoyed herself, and we enjoyed witnessing the spirit she exudes for life. We are exhausted and buried deep within the mounds of laundry I am unpacking. The children are actually still sleeping at this noon hour. It was a long day of travel yesterday!

I don't have time to share all about our adventures at this time, but I will work on a slide show and a post to show just how amazing the time away was. Its nice to escape from the reality of our lives for a few days. We were quickly snapped back into our real world about 3:30am yesterday morning when Ashleys line ruptured while she slept. Just four hours before leaving for our flight home! Life is so fragile, and we were reminded of her frailty in those moments. Dave and I worked together in the early morning hours to use a repair kit on the lumen and we will be seeing her surgeons sometime this week to have them observe our work. I can honestly say that this has NEVER happened to us in almost 6 years of living with central line catheters. So SCARY! I was sooooo thankful we had a repair kit with us "just in case" NEVER dreaming that we would ever need to use it.

Anyway, the pictures are amazing. Priceless images that reflect the joy experienced by each member of our family as we made memories to store in our hearts for a lifetime. I hope to share them all with you(well maybe not ALL of them since there are more than 1500:), but some of the best ones). God bless and thank you all for your prayers for our family while we were away.


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