Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Part 6

Ok, seriously guys, this is a long one. I would like to say that I am almost through the files of pictures from our trip...but I'm not. I know you've got to be completely bored and what I thought would only take up a few days space in the journal is taking a whole lot more than that. I really want to include this trip in Ashley's journal so please forgive me for having to come back time and time again only to find another slide show of our trip. One day it will be over. I promise.

These are just a group of shots from character meet and greets, to activities like vegetable car racing, and a little in between all of that. We really enjoyed ourselves on this trip. The goal was to make memories spending time together and we did. We played bingo, trivia, shuffleboard, ping pong, putt putt, foose ball, you name it we did it. All together. Hanging out as a family and laughing until our sides hurt. The guys enjoyed a little room service(or maybe a lot of room service). We ordered mickey bars for a late night treat every single night. It was so great!

Ashley was the star of the ship. So precious. So sweet. 99% of the people we encountered enjoyed her and loved on our sweet girl. Theres always going to be a few who have little patience for things we can't control but would if we could. For the most part we were oblivious to those few and concentrated on our family and making the most of our time together.

As I work through the pictures I am so, so thankful for this time we were given together. I smile remembering the moments and whisper prayers of thanksgiving for the opportunity. I love my kids. If I could spend time with ANYONE in the entire world it would be this group of people I get to call mine. I am SO blessed.


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