Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Part 4

Here are some of the images captured from our day in Tracy Arm. It was breathtaking! It was cold, requiring blankets, jackets, and hoodies, but sooooo enjoyable. We loved the cool air. Ashley so enjoyed this day. We spent hours out on the decks just taking in the views. The majesty of God was reflected all around. Every place you turned you saw His creation and there simply are no words to describe the views.

The kids insanely spent an hour or so in the pools and the hot tubs. They joined us for a few games of shuffle board. We basically had the deck to ourselves because most passengers crowded onto the top two decks. We walked out onto deck 4 and spent the afternoon with just a few other passengers. It was perfect. Perfect for Ash to enjoy. I think this was definitely one of our very favorite days of the trip. A very slow pace. No going ashore. Just sailing into the fjord and enjoying what God designed and placed here for us to see.

Sweet Ashley played and giggled and entertained us all as we spotted otters and seals around lounging around on the ice. I'm so very thankful for the memories made on this day. It was just so perfect.

If your getting tired of these slide shows please feel free to check back in a few days once I've finished showing them. I have no idea how many there will actually be, but I understand it can get a little boring looking through someone else's albums:) For us its an opportunity to show Ashley's aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents all she saw and did while away. Dave's mom went on the trip with us to sit with Ash while we went on excursions with the older kids. It was such a blessing to be able to know Ash was back in the room napping or roaming the ships with grandma riding elevators(which happened to be her favorite activity of the whole week!) and not having to worry about wearing her out too much.


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