Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Part 5

Our first stop in Alaska was Skagway. A very neat little town. We took Ashley off the ship and allowed her to enjoy the scenery. She LOVED it! Her eyes sparkled the entire time as she took in all the sights. We did a little shopping, some walking, and took some photos before returning to the ship to get ready for our excursion.

Most excursions offered were not wheel chair accessible, but we decided that was ok since Ash isn't that adventurous anyway. So we allowed the big kids(all 3 of them) to choose something they would enjoy. We did things we've never done before and I'll make slide shows of each of them so you can see just how amazing Alaska truly was. The first one was Allie's choice(much to my dismay. I swear I thought I was going to die!). Ziplining through the canopy of Alaska's rain forest. Amazing views, and if I could have ever gotten past the tears enough to enjoy it I would have agreed with the family that it felt amazing zipping above the waterfalls and river. I have to admit I'm glad I did it, and forevermore my kids WILL hear and be reminded how brave I was, ha!ha!


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