Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Its always the goal. As many days at home as we can possibly squeeze out of Ashley's life. Our amazing pediatrician has once again come through for us. IV meds are being called in and should be delivered to us by this afternoon. I'm just so thankful for a team of professionals who want her to be comfortable in her own home it is at all possible.

For now its possible. We all suspect a line infection, but growth doesn't happen right away and sensitivities don't either. So we are using the combination of meds that stopped the staph in its tracts last time. He recommended we go ahead and use her repaired lumen so that we can treat each one since we don't know which one or if both of them has the bug.

Ash had a rough morning. She looked pretty bad, but has perked up a little this afternoon and is quietly watching Pooh bear in the play room. I expect she will spend a good part of today sleeping since she got almost none last night. Her temp has gone as high as 102.6 but currently is about 100.

We will keep Ash home as long as she remains stable. We have the means to check blood pressure, oxygen sats, heart rate, and temp all here in her room. We also have oxygen next to her bed if its needed. I don't expect it to be, but its here if it is. I'm hopeful this passes as quickly as it came on, but if it doesn't at least she feels safe and comfortable in her own spaces. I'm grateful. Extremely grateful.


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