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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



We are a team. Truly we are. This weekend I get to "tag" Dave once again, and he is taking over cares for Ashley Kate. He is an amazing dad and does such a good job. She LOVES having is full attention on the weekends. This weekend she gets an extra day:)

Blake and I are leaving for Waco in a few hours. Another weekend of baseball together:) We had all hoped to go for the long weekend, but Ashley's med schedule is a full time job and its just too complicated to travel with. Dave is staying behind and allowing me some more time with Blake. We both know that once I leave for Omaha with Ashley that I'll miss out on so much with the big kids. I love him so much for giving me these opportunities and these moments with Blake.

Allie is at the lake with a good friend. Jet skiing is on the menu, and she couldn't be more thrilled. That girl and her bucket list! She loves life and loves the adventure of it all. I'm so excited for her, and the fun shes going to have with an old friend.

That about sums up our holiday plans. Hope I can stay awake on this three hour drive today! Its been a LOOOOOOOONG week with very little sleep.


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