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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Needed to take a break from the "heavy" and just have some fun for a moment. So I threw in a jumbled mess of photos from our last days on the ship. The last port was Ketchikan and we had a great time. Dave, Blake and I all went snorkeling. In ALASKA! So cool! So fun! So cold! You won't find any of the photos from that excursion because trust me when I say FULL BODY WET SUITS are not photo flattering! You wouldn't want to see them. Still as foolish as we felt it was an experience we will never forget. Surrounded by snow capped mountains exploring a world below with bald eagles flying overhead. Unbelievable experience.

The photos really are just a glimpse into what has been one of our favorite trips ever. As a family we stepped out of our world into a make believe world for just a week and I can't wait to have the opportunity to do it again some day.

The last afternoon on the ship Ashley Kate had an invitation delivered to her. It invited her and her guests to a private meeting with the ships characters. Wow! is about all I can come up with. We, with about dozen other guests were welcomed into Studio Sea to visit, laugh, dance, and take photos with all the Disney favorites. This was so unexpected. It was a magical evening that made our hearts smile as Ash got the opportunity to see them all up close and spend a few personal moments with them. Tears did spring to my eyes when Cinderella asked a friend to pull out her own camera to get a picture of her with our sweet Ashley. That doesn't happen too often when the main attraction wants a photo with the guest. Its normally the other way around. What a blessing. Apparently Ash had caught the eye of the character manager and she sent the invitation to her.

So...I promise no more long, boring slide shows of our family vacation. Thanks for humoring me. Its been so fun to sort through the pictures and share them with our family. Back to the daily grind for me:)


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