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Sweet Summertime!

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In Texas when the temperatures reach degrees of 100 or more how does Ash spend her days?

Swinging under her apple tree of course!

Right inside the comforts of the play room where the thermostat sits at a comfortable 70 degrees:)

No need to get sweaty and sticky. No need to fight off the mosquitoes. No need to worry about her overheating.

So yesterday Ashley Kate spent her evening signing "swiiiiiinnng, wheeeeeee" and I spent my evening soaking up the memory being made with my sweet little girl instead of soaking up the sun!

I even captured a photo that shows her new big girl tooth that we have affectionately named "Bubba". Each and every smile that exhibits this rather large tooth has us all laughing hysterically. It is simply awful! To make matters worse, Ashley loves to stick it out over her bottom lip and bite with it just to make her mom crazy! She won't keep the thing "under wraps" or at least under her lip. If the other one doesn't grow in soon I'm not sure what I'll do. Well, my close friends know what I'm threatening to do, but I'm giving the other tooth a little time to make its appearance before I have molds made:)

It was a good weekend. We got a lot accomplished for her birthday carnival. We watched Blake play a little baseball. We listened to Allie and her BFF laugh until they cried. We did lots of laundry and yard work. We swam a little and played on the swing a lot. Life is blessed. These days in our home are so very sweet and I'm constantly reminded why I love it so very much. Sweet Summertime days are simply some of my favorite:) Hope your weekends were blessed.


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