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So Unbelievable!

Here I am only days away from Ashley Kate's 6th birthday, and I find it SOOOOO unbelievable to be at this place. Seriously, we have been planning, constructing, painting, sewing, and organizing for so long that I'm almost giddy with excitement that she is in fact going to turn 6 years old.

A year ago I was pleading with an Almighty God, our Father, begging him to allow her to be 5. I so desperately wanted her to hang on till her 5th birthday. In those weary days I couldn't see a year down the road. All I could see was making it moment by moment. Its been such a hard year for our family, and yet it has been a year FILLED with precious moments, memories, and joy. Its hard to swallow the hurt, but as it goes down a sweet, sweet taste is left behind by all the good days we have in between the bad. I'm not sure if any of that makes sense, but its the best description of what life has been like in our home.

We still cry lots of tears if we allow ourselves to sit still for too long, so I just don't allow that to happen to any of us for very long. I keep us busy, busy, busy living. Family life is the most precious part of my life. Its what I thrive on. Keeps me going even in the tough times.

We are a mere 3 days away from our tiniest pickles 6th birthday and only 5 away from the most precious carnival party you have ever seen starring the most precious 6 year old I know. I'm SO excited and its so hard for me to believe.


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