Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


The Best of Friends

When your the best of friends
having S0 MUCH fun together
You're not even aware your such a funny pair
You're the best of friends

Life's a Happy game
You could clown around forever
Neither one of you sees your natural boundaries
Your the best of friends

Many, many nights I have wondered as I lay down my head on the pillow if Ash will ever experience the normal joys of childhood. Things like kindergarten, sleep overs, and best friends. I've cried a lot of tears over the losses in her life because I know how precious things like this can be, and I so desperately want for her to have them.

I wouldn't re-live the pain of a year ago in her life for anything(exactly one year ago today she was ex-planted and we were devastated), but one of the blessings that came out of such a painful time was one of the things I had longed her whole life for her to have. A true friend. Funny how God gives us some of our most precious gifts in the midst of some of the most hurtful circumstances. Always working it for our good.

Sweet Allie is 6 years old. She loves my Ashley. She is the funniest girl. I can't help but smile each and every time I listen to her talk. I love to hear about all the things she has to share with her mommy on the drives to and from our home. God blessed my Ashley in the midst of her pain. He gave to her Allie. Her best friend. The sight of those last two words on this screen brings tear to my eyes.

One of my favorite Allie quotes is, "I don't know what Ashley is saying but I can always figure out what she wants." She's working hard to learn Ashley's sign language so they can talk to each other:)

Allie is precious. She plays ball with Ashley Kate. She plays I-pad with Ashley Kate. She gets drinks of water for Ash when she's thirsty. She's not afraid of Ash. She loves her. She is concerned about other kids finding out that Ash has diapers on under her clothes. She doesn't want them to make fun of her. That conversation with her blessed my heart. Brought tears to my eyes just as each glance of them playing together in the other room does. I'm so thankful that Ash has a friend who loves her. SO thankful.

My dear Allie at 6 years old you won't be able to understand how very much you mean to me, but one day when your all grown up I know your mommy will share it with you. She will tell you what a wonderful friend you were to Ashley Kate. She will share with you stories about the memories you are busy making with Ash. I can't keep from crying each time I witness them taking place in Ashley's bedroom or in the playroom. Your are a gift from God straight to us and I am thankful for you. I love you sweet little girl. Love you so very much. You are an answer to my prayers.

The song from the Fox and the Hound is playing in my mind as I glance through the photos I took this week. It is a beautiful example of Ashley Kate and her new best friend. The differences don't seem to matter to either of them. I love that. I really do.


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