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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Ashley Kate's Birthday Carnival

Ok...this is VERY long. You do not have to watch it. I know its tooooo long, but there are more than 15oo photographs to go through. I love it. Love it all, but I understand that after about the first 25 your going to get really, really bored. They aren't in any type of order. I just couldn't do it. Its taking so long to go through the pictures=)

Details? Such as what I did to create it, games, concessions, prizes, entertainment, etc, etc. I'll have to write an entirely different post. There is just so much to talk about.

Mainly I tried to capture and share with you the spirit of the day. Its was almost exactly what we had in mind. Our guests are truly some of the best people we know. They all came out of their love for our daughter and that brought us to tears. I wish you all could have been there with us.

At the end of it all I stood back and realized that she really is still with us. She is growing and thriving and living. All things that we were told could not happen. She did in fact turn 6 years old and although I have no idea what this next year will hold for her or our family I do know that we are LOVE her more than ever. On this day we celebrated Ash and her life. That was our focus. If you did attend I hope that you were blessed and that you did in fact have a great time. I know we did.


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