Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


More Labs

Dave is at the hospital now with more lab work. Ash just doesn't seem to be responding to the antibiotics prescribed to her last Thursday. If it were the correct one we should be seeing some level of improvement by now and I just don't see any. She is huge. Miserable. Dry. Very thirsty. Feverish. Trembling. Etc. Etc. Etc. No change in her condition. None. I don't find that very encouraging.

We are giving fluid bolus', but if her albumin has tanked(which it usually does) then they wont stay in the vessels where she needs them. The fluid is just leaking into her tissues making her more dry and more swollen. I hate the whole cycle of infection. It seems as though you just have to chase and chase and chase the same issues until you get some kind of help from the antibiotic. I'm really hopeful that sensitivities will be in this morning or an ID or something new to help us fight this infection.

Being sick on the weekends pretty much sucks too. Whether your inpatient or out getting any kind of help is almost impossible. We never heard a word from the doctor on call yesterday about Ashley's labs and more importantly her low level of platelets. I'm not surprised. Irritated, but not surprised. I'm just hanging on till Monday battling this bug with the tools we've been given and hoping Ash can keep on fighting until someone shows up in the offices in the morning.

Vitals all remain strong. Thats the most important thing. Her organ systems are all functioning. If at anytime things change in this area then our plan will change too.

For now Ash is sitting up in her chair. She's not comfortable anywhere, but needed a break from lying on her back in the bed. She is tolerating the chair. We need her in a seated position to help the fluid drain down from her face and neck through those very occluded and scarred down veins.

Overall I wouldn't say that she's any worse and I wouldn't say that she's getting any better. Still sickly. Unfortunately for her she has to have a dressing change today and a shampoo. How I'm going to manage that at her current weight(she's close to 10lbs heavier with all the swelling) I have no idea, but it has to be done.


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