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Tonight I'm looking for some supplies. I know there are several parents of medically fragile children who follow along Ashley's journal and perhaps you have some lying around that you no longer use.

For some unknown reason we have not been able to get the correct tubing from our supplier lately. A shortage from the manufacturer or something like that. Anyway, what is being sent is not working with Ashley's line. We are unable to infuse her Omegaven through it. Her liver isn't as happy as it has been without it and so I'm looking for some on my own. Anyway, this is what I'm needing to locate. Its a Curlin Infusion Administration Set REF 340-4128(the one with the blue filter for lipids). I know in times past Ash has been on TPN then come off and we have had extra supplies on hand(actually we have been using the tubing we had on hand for the last 2 months, but now we are out). If this is the case in your home and you happen to have this infusion set of tubing on hand would you mind contacting me and consider selling it to us?

Thanks so much. Trish


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