Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Early in the mornings I hear it spilling out of her room.

Throughout my afternoon the sounds of it fill her play room.

Late into the night she's still giggling so loud that I hear it all the way down the hall and through a closed door.

What would my world sound like if she didn't exude joy almost every second of her life? I can't even imagine.

Never could I have envisioned a life filled with so much happiness. Never could I have envisioned a life with such sadness either, but trust me when I tell you every tear I've ever cried over her struggles has been replaced ten fold with her joy and her laughter!

This morning I'm focused on her smile, on the sounds of her giggling, and on another day of her life lived right here inside the walls of our home. Her home.

I'm grateful.


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