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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Our home is busy, busy, busy. Full activity. I love...Absolutely LOVE this time of year.

Give me a plan and a list of things to do and I'm a happy girl. So much is going on. So much happening.

We have a 16th birthday coming up in just two days. HOW does that even happen? If you are a new mom or have a toddler underfoot please trust me when I share with you these words...before you can blink they will be grown. Time goes sooooo quickly. Seriously, it seems like yesterday I was sitting in the middle of his sandbox, expecting Allison Brooke, and listening to my two year old saying, "Wook mommy, wook at this!" Oh HOW I LOVE my son! There is no end to the wonderful, positive things I could say about this child of ours. I could write for the next two days about Blake and still not have adequately described who he is and what an amazing role he plays in our family. I won't do it today, but trust me by Sunday its coming. Today I'm busy working on his birthday plans and getting things lined up and ready to host his very last camp out at his grandparents pond. Its a tradition with him and his buddies. We've been doing the same thing his whole life, with the same group of guys and when asked what he wanted to do to celebrate this year this is what his hearts desire was. So...with tears in my eyes I'm working on it all. Packing tents, sleeping bags, and ice chests. Gathering plastic bats and wiffle balls for the game of the century. Collecting old towels, flashlights, and bandannas for one last round of capture the flag in the woods. I'll drop them all off tomorrow evening and come back early Sunday morning to collect those who are still standing. Then its off to Dallas for a double header on the day he turns 16 years old. In his world life doesn't get any better than that.

Tomorrow Allie has a volleyball tournament. We will spend most of the day over at Spring Hill watching her set the ball for her teammates. Super excited about all that's been planned for her 8th grade team. A sponsor had tournament tees and string backpacks made for all the girls to wear and we are packing those back packs full of goodies to get them through the day and spur them on to victory. Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday before hosting Blake's party.

In between all of this I'm still decorating for the holidays. The dining room and kitchen are overflowing with totes and boxes. I have both of the girls trees done. Ashley's is truly amazing this year. She LOVES it. I find her laying next to it several times a day watching the lights and gazing at ornaments. To add to the festive atmosphere in the play room I'm painting large snowflakes this afternoon to hang from the ceiling. She's been watching Rudolph and Frosty for the last few days which totally cracks me up. She chooses her own movies and just to see her flip to her Christmas selection makes me smile. She is SOOO my daughter. She is so happy these days. Not a day goes by that I don't whisper to the Father how thankful I am for her being here. Not a single day. Life is truly sweet during this time. I think the fact that we are living days with her that weren't expected to be given to us just makes everything pale in comparison to the joy we experience while listening to her laughter.

Homecoming is next weekend. Big deal at our house this year. For the first time Allie isn't going single and Blake is. Funny how life can change when you least expect it too. What I love most about my kiddos is how they have learned to find joy in most circumstance. They are happy and light hearted. Ashley Kate is a constant reminder that life is good and they are blessed. Our teenagers have an amazing, God given ability to concentrate on what's important in their lives and I know it only comes from their experiences with Ashley Kate's struggles. Even in the hardest of days for our family God has done amazing work in each of our hearts. The little things don't really get them down. Not when they have a bubbly, giggly, smiley, and oh so happy 6 year old to come home too. She's been a healing presence in our home through the years. I love that for them. Really, really love that.

So, I'm off and running. Hoping to get it all accomplished and in place today so tomorrow and the next runs as smooth as possible for my kiddos. Being a mom has got to be the very best job in the world. I'm a lucky girl! Take care.


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