Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Out of Focus

For some reason all my pics from this evening are a little out of focus.

It really doesn't matter though because by the look on her face you can tell that her joy came through loud and clear. Thats what I wanted to capture anyway.

Dave and I sat back on the steps and watched these two "race" down the street. Ash is truly one of us...if it involves competition on any level then she's in! She was thrilled to be racing Blake and just like a big brother should he allowed her to win. Each and every race. I love that! Love the time he spends with her. Love the way he loves her. Love the way her face lights up when he's around.

This time at home has healed a lot of hurts in the hearts of my big kids. Last summer was very, very hard on them as we faced such uncertain times in her life. They absolutely love spending time with Ash and we don't talk much about the future. Concentrating on our todays and allowing the tomorrows to come when they come.

I'm so grateful for today. For who she is now. For all we have been given. For every single breath, every single moment, and every single memory. Focusing on Ashley's happiness and her life today not on the hurts that tomorrow may hold.


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