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First Day

How is it that I have these amazing, talented, beautiful, fun loving, compassionate, young people in front of me? Where did the time go? How did they get to be these people?

Two teenagers in our home is not what you think. There's surprisingly not a lot of drama, not a lot of attitude, not a lot of nonsense. Its actually a joy having them around. We enjoy them so very much.

So the first day of school comes with a lot of emotion...from me! I miss them when they aren't in the house, but I'm so EXCITED to see them grow into amazing young adults. Young adults who have their own circles of friends. Their own interests. Their own aspirations. Their own passions. Their own identities.

I'm looking forward to the hustle and bustle of fall. They both have so much going on that it makes our life busy but OH SO FUN! Volleyball, Cheering at Football games, Club Soccer, Club much to do to keep them out of trouble.

I find it hard to believe that I was even here this morning to fix breakfast, snap back to school photos, and see them out the door. What a blessing in my life. Ashley Kate didn't make a peep in all the chaos. She kept her eyes closed tight and her blankets pulled up. There are no back to school days for her...not yet anyway. We are considering starting up her home bound studies again. Such a hard decision for me. Wanting her to have it all and knowing she probably never will. I stay clear of most first graders this time of year because it hurts too bad to see their excitement knowing my 6 year old will not be joining them. Just one of the bitters in my sweets this week, but it will pass. It always does. There is far TOO much to be thankful for and that keeps me from dwelling on the sad for too long.

What will I be doing today? Are you sure you'd like to know? Christmas is coming to our house one room at time. I'm planning,planning,planning. Making my lists of what to put where and what needs to be picked up. I know it sounds crazy, but my life is exactly that...crazy. Never knowing where I'll be spending tomorrow makes today a priority and there is a lot to get done
to make sure the house is ready for the family if in fact we aren't here to celebrate with them. So on the outside our home will be decked for the fall and on the inside I will be decking the halls! Its really fun to be me...gotta stay busy, occupied, and exhausted or I have too much time to think on things that aren't near as happy.

Hope you and your kids have a great first day back. God bless.


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