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Heart Ache

My heart is so heavy for Allie this morning. It just aches!

She is supposed to cheer tonight, and a day that should be filled with such excitement is filled with disappointment. It makes my heart hurt for her. If things don't turn around then we are going to have a week filled with disappointing days. I'm so sad.

She has an MRI scheduled this evening, but that doesn't make this afternoon any easier on her. She has a support brace on this morning giving support to the ligaments that hold her patella in place and is walking with the assistance of crutches. She went to school, determined to be there in case volleyball teams are announced and to be a part of the cheer activities.

I want to say its looking better, but its really not. The shape is all wrong and could just be distorted from the swelling. It looks like the patella is sagging, hanging lower than it should and it is sliding back and forth which is what sent her to the ground on Sunday. Overall though I think the pain has reduced? At least she's not crying from the pain anymore so I'm taking that as a good sign.

It's so hard to find the right balance when trying to talk to her. She could in fact heal quickly enough to play this weekend with a brace, but I don't know that its likely. She may in fact be out all season. She of course plans to possibly miss out on Thursday's game, but for sure be playing by Saturday's tournament. I hope she's right. I really do.

I hope to know more tonight.


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