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"Kneed to know"

Allie had her MRI last night. We are very, very grateful for the result.

NO tears, NO surgery!

Now she just has to heal from a nasty dislocation that bruised the bone and created a lot of extra fluid and swelling inside the knee.

We are feeling very upbeat, although she wants to be walking, and playing volleyball today! That unfortunately, can not happen, but it will happen soon.

She is unable to stand weight baring on the knee just yet. It is still pretty swollen and much to her disdain she is still needing the assistance of crutches to get around. She thinks she should be ready to go for tomorrow's game, but when you can't walk on a knee you simply can't play in a volleyball game. I think more than anything she wants to get rid of the crutches so she can try and convince everyone that she is ready to play. Its not gonna work.

I want her to play more than anyone, but this injury was a bad one. It still looks bad and she still winces with any movements. That tells us she's not ready.

Volleyball teams will be announced today at practice and she heard yesterday that she was going to be replaced. That was heartbreaking and when I went to check on her before lunch she stood in the hallways and cried. I cried on my way out the door for her. She worked so hard for that position and now she's lost it because of a stupid injury. UGH! As a former coach I know that's just the way it has to be, but it doesn't make it any easier to explain or accept.

My hope is that a week from now the world of junior high volleyball, cheerleading and club soccer will look completely different for us than it does this week.

Come on rehab, work quickly! She is determined to be playing in Saturday's tournament. I don't have the heart to squash that hope just yet. If believing she can play on Saturday keeps her from crying today I'm just going to keep my mouth shut and smile.


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