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I'm super happy to report that Ashley looks really good this morning. Really good. Very hard to believe its been just a week or so since her accident. Her face looks almost normal today. Seriously, she looks good. The left side is still a little swollen so its bigger than the right, but compared to just days ago she looks amazing. I didn't find any new bleeding this morning. Much of the dried blood has finally come loose and so her mouth is looking much better as well. Dave peeked inside last night and said the color of her gums are almost normal again. I was even able to see a part of her front tooth this morning. It had been so swollen around that tooth we couldn't even find it! She has some light bruising on her nose still, and around her top lip. Her left eyelid is still very dark, but improving. I don't think the dentist or his staff will even recognize her Thursday. She looks that much better than last week. We aren't able to get inside of her mouth to clean it up or even brush her teeth yet, but I'm hoping we are only a couple of days away from that. I think she will feel much better once we can at least clean her teeth off. They wouldn't allow us to even rinse her mouth with anything other than water because of the risk of infection. They also said it would sting and cause more pain for her. Needless to say her breath is not pleasant:)

So in other news...

Allie will be cheering at the football games tonight for the first time ever! She's very excited and I hope she has an amazing time. She is unable to tumble or do any jumps because of her knee injury, but she will be down on the field participating. Thursday will be her first night back at soccer. I'm a little nervous for her since she has not run full speed or kicked a ball since her injury, but she has to get back out there at some point. She has a double header in Arlington Saturday and she is very hopeful that she will be playing. She is doing really well. Keeping up with her therapy every night before bed. Mirco current. Taping and bracing every day. She's back playing volleyball and feeling minimal discomfort afterward. Overall, she's getting her life back to normal. I'm so grateful for this sweet girl in our life. She is so fun. That pretty much sums up our Allie. FUN. Always making us laugh.

Blake is busy playing baseball. Nothing surprising there. Sunday he had a great showing. He was 8 for 10 at the plate with one walk and a sacrifice fly out to center that scored. He had a two run homer over the fence, 4 doubles and the rest were hard line drives that singled. He's working very hard every day after school doing lots of tee work, and playing with a group of his friends for the Dallas Patriots on Sunday afternoons. He will be turning 16 in just under two weeks and very much looking forward to that. He remains a joy to parent. Honestly, over the last 16 years I can't think of a time where he hasn't been a joy to us. Really we have been blessed with such an amazing young man.

Dave and I are just being us. We love parenting. Love our family. Love our practice. Love our patients. Life is filled with bumps and bruises along the journey, but at the end of the day I wouldn't trade our life for anyone elses'. Its the bumps and bruises that have made us appreciate all the time we are being given. Hope your all well. Enjoying all that you've been blessed with.


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