Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Last night, right before bedtime, Ashley was involved in an accident in our home. This morning we are asking for your prayers. I imagine she has a long day, possibly days ahead of her as physicians, dentists, and probable surgeons work it all out.

Ashley went off a step in our home while secured in her wheelchair. She was strapped in and fell forward onto the hardwood floors. With no ability to catch herself her knees and her face caught the full brunt of her fall. We spent several hours in the ER and all that was accomplished was determining through x-ray and CT scan that she suffered no fractures to her head or face. We are very thankful for that. Other than that, there was nothing they could do for her or offer to us. This morning we will start the process of trying to figure out where to go from here.

Ashley has multiple lacerations inside of her mouth. She suffered a large contusion to her gums. She knocked out one of her permanent top teeth instantly and will more than likely lose the second as well. The portion of gum that holds those two teeth is badly damaged. It has been cut, is out of place, and still holds what we are suspecting but really unable to see well is the other permanent front tooth.

This morning we ask for prayer for:


Strength. For Ashley first and foremost. For my big kids who both cried themselves to sleep as they listened to the sounds of her screams. For us.

Infection. She is at a very high risk of developing major infections resulting from the cuts and damage inside of her mouth. Bacteria lives and dwells in all of our mouths.

Pain control. I do not know how they will assess the inside of her mouth. It will be very painful for our sweet girl.

We were unable to adequately clean her up. She is a mess! We are facing a very long day followed by what was a very short night of rest. She is bruised, bloodied, and exhausted.

After the initial two hours our Ashley, in true style, managed to play and laugh. She remains the absolute toughest person I have ever known. Truly our hero.

My kids have had a very long night. Very frightening. Very disturbing. There was a tremendous amount of blood and screaming. My heart is broken for all three of them. Mostly for my Ashley though who does not deserve more pain in her life. None of them do. Especially pain that we should have avoided. I'm truly sick over this accident.


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