Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


The Invitation

I used to dream of play dates, sleep overs, first days of school, Thanksgiving plays, and Christmas parties. I don't remember at what point in her life I gave up on those dreams and replaced them with dreams of

Just spending one more day with her. One more good morning, one more afternoon, one more kiss goodnight. One more birthday, one more holiday, one more season.

I guess when I gave up on that first set of dreams I just assumed birthday invitations went along with them. That they wouldn't be a part of her life either.

But then one was extended and it never crossed my mind that we wouldn't attend. As a matter of fact I would have moved heaven and earth to have her there to celebrate her little friend's birthday.
And as sweet as it was to watch her little friend twirl circles in her Alice dress, and listen to her giggle as she jumped in the bouncy house, it was just as sweet to me to watch the wonder and excitement and joy in the eyes of our little Queen of Hearts.

She attended her first party ever yesterday, and it was the sweetest Alice in Wonderland Tea Party I have ever seen. I watched my little girl sit at the table next to the birthday girl and it was hard to hold back the tears. As the little ones ran and played and squealed with delight our Ashley rolled around in her chair and drank kool aid, played croquet with the Queen, threw bean bags down the rabbit hole, and left two hours later just as sticky, and sweaty, and happy as any other guest that had attended.

As I closed my eyes last night I smiled knowing that we had lived another day, celebrated another milestone, and allowed Ash to experience life.

Without a doubt it was an invitation I will remember for a lifetime. Hers and mine. Thank you so very much for extending it. It meant the world to the mommy of the little Queen of Hearts.


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