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Thanksgiving Travels

I'm so very grateful to be on our way toward my next favorite place on earth! Nothing in the world feels better to me than to be in our own home or in my sister's homes. Its the best feeling to know as you lay your head down at night that you are surrounded by those you love and those who love you. Its the definition of peace. To be home.

Ash is SO excited to be going on a trip. This little one loves to travel. Be it on the loop driving past Red Lobster(one of her favorite land marks in Longview) or on the highway destination unknown to her. It really doesn't matter as long as she's in the car. She is so, so happy when she's in the car!

If I've learned anything in my life its this...Relationships are what matter most. People mean so much more than possessions. I'd give it all up in a heartbeat if asked to choose between those I love or those things I've been blessed with. I've never been sorry for investing in the lives of others. I've never regretted giving of myself to another person. I've never kicked myself for giving something that belonged to me to someone who could use or appreciate it. I'm at my best self when in service to others. I think if the truth be known we all are.

So as we head out on our Thanksgiving travels I'm focused squarely on the people we are going to see. Excited to spend time with my closest friends in this world. Blessed to be looking in my rear view mirror and seeing all 3 faces of the most amazing kids in this world. I'm sure we will laugh a lot, argue a little(two teenagers crammed in a car for 6 hours pretty much guarantees at least some of this), and sing a carol or two. I'm so looking forward to this!

Hope your evening is blessed.


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