Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Just two small peeks into the way my sweet Ashley views this world. Two peeks that brought laughter, smiles, and joy into our hearts. Reminders of what an amazing little girl we have been given and what an even more amazing God we serve.

On the way to Blake's baseball games yesterday we were running tight on time. As we took a left turn we could see a set of rail road crossings coming down. "Ugh" is what Dave said aloud as Blake and I thought the same thing.

But then...

How quickly our perspective changed.

As Ash heard the sounds of the engine and the toot, toot of the whistle warning everyone that it was indeed on its way down the tracks her excitement was building. We watched as Ashley Kate let out a HUGE sign for "Woohoo " then followed it with an " Ole' !" She waved furiously as the cars passed and the smile on her face and the giggles that escaped her mouth became contagious. We all sat in that car with her enjoying every single car that rumbled along those tracks in front of us realizing that being a few moments late to the batting cages was SO worth this moment. That train made her day! She was so happy.

As we drove across those railroad tracks moments later Blake shared with us, "I love this little girl!"

Just a couple of weeks ago we sat outside the fence of the ball field waiting for a game to end and for Blake's to start. The second baseman attempted to zip the baseball over to the first baseman to make a double play. The ball was overthrown and went right past the glove but crashed up against the chain link fence right in front of Ashley's chair. She giggled as she signed, "Woohoo!" and applauded. To her what made the play great was the up close and personal look of the baseball as if it had been thrown into that fence just for her. The sound of the ball crashing in front of her made it all the more thrilling. I smiled as I realized how frustrated both players on the field were for the over throw and missed opportunity compared to the joy on the face of my 6 year old.

Its all about perspective. The players were unhappy, Ash was SO happy. She assumed they were playing with her. The ball was thrown against the fence just for her. She thought those boys had done something amazing and even though they may not feel that way, she sure did.

We can't help but be blessed when we allow ourselves to view each day, each little happening, through Ash's eyes. The world is a happy, happy place, filled with excitement that thrills her little soul. Oh, HOW I LOVE THIS CHILD. We all do.

Have a blessed day.


We now have tubing. Thank you to all those who helped and all those who prayed we would get some.


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