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Save The Date

Yikes!  I've hesitated to post this for weeks now just not sure if I wanted to throw it out there yet, but I simply can't put if off any longer... so...

Here it is...

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Ashley Kate's 8th birthday celebration.

I need to get it out there for our family to be able to schedule the weekend on their calendars.  With Blake's summer schedule and all his travel we've finally settled on this date with hopes that he will be home from his national tournament in New Mexico in time.  He has a 55 game schedule to be played over 60 days this summer!  I'm so excited for him, but that leaves us just 5 weeks to get everything built, painted, assembled, and ready to party before we leave on June 1.

I chose the theme the day after her party last year, and so I've had lots of time to dream, plan, and organize my ideas.  I've settled on the invitation design, the venue, and the basic layout of the room.  Yes, I said did not read that incorrectly:) for the first time in years we will be having her birthday party indoors out of the August heat.  I KNOW this will thrill my family who aren't fans of the Texas summer.  The venue was so graciously offered to us a couple of weeks ago and we are so excited to be hosting our family and friends in an air conditioned space.

I know it may sound silly to some who just don't see why we celebrate Ash's years the way we choose to, but we need this.  I learned years ago that her life is a gift.  Every breath, every moment, every day is nothing short of miraculous and now more than ever do we need this distraction...this celebration...this event.  It keeps me going.  I have a date, a goal, a something to accomplish and I get up each day and work toward getting her through this date on the calendar.

So...Here it is...

 Plan to join us as we take a trip to the Emerald City and look for that land that lies Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

  I hear its a fabulous place for a party!


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