Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Getting back to Normal

We have been home from Omaha for a full week now and it has been wonderful. Ashley is settling back into her routine. She was so funny the moment we stepped inside of the house. You could tell she knew we were home where she would be safe by the smile on her face and the squeal in her voice.

She is doing well this week. She is having physical therapy 3 times a week, and I feel like she is getting stronger each day. She is really growing from the extended time on her TPN. She is now well over 13lbs. It seems so funny to see a little chub on her tiny face and legs. We are glad she is growing, but her liver enzymes are taking quite a hit. Please pray that God will place His protective hands around her liver as they attempt to grow her large enough to survivie the transplant. She is also running low on blood this week. We expect to be called in any day now for another transfusion.

When Ash is awake she is learning and playing and vocalizing more and more. Tonight it was so precious to see her notice a group of birds flying overhead. She watched and reached and grunted at us as if to say" would you get those for me please". How wonderful it is to see things through her eyes. She is an absolute gift to our family and I find myself being more and more thankful for each moment of the day that we all spend together.

I am truly blessed to be the Mommy to this little girl.


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