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It doesn't take much

I learned a lesson today. A big one. As I spent hours and hours painting the girls room I learned that it doesn't take much of the wrong to make the right not right. Make any sense? I know it doesn't to you, but in the land of paints it makes perfect sense. So what I figured out is that the wrong combination of dyes was used to mix the paint that I bought yesterday and now I have the wrong color room. I had hoped the light and my eyes were playing tricks on me. I continued hoping this hour after hour as I continued painting until finally I went and checked the top of the paint can that I was trying to match and saw that it only takes a little of the wrong thing to make what you thought was the right thing all wrong. So tomorrow I will start again making the wrong right again. To be completely honest I left it up all evening(snuck out to the ballpark) and came back hoping that the wrong would have grown on me enough so that I could convince myself it was right. It doesn't matter how much I try to tell myself it will work its still wrong and it needs to be made right.

So as I contemplated all of this paint mix up through out the day I began to see the lesson for me in all of this right and wrong. It made me think of my heart, my attitude, my life, and my actions. Its just as true in life as it is paint. It doesn't take too much of the wrong to make what you thought was right wrong. Wow. A little bit of wrong goes a long way doesn't it? Huge!

When your talking paint changing the wrong back to right isn't really that hard. Sure its going to take some extra work. An extra trip to the Home Depot and a few more hours on the ladder, but in the end you won't be able to tell that I wasted a whole day painting the girls walls the wrong color. However in life it isn't always that easy now is it? Sometimes it can take years to right the wrongs. It can take repentance, humility, soul searching, admittance, commitment, and prayer. Thankfully we serve a God who is rich in mercy and forgiveness. He can take my wrongs and the damage they may have done and make them right again.

Tomorrow I will start again and make my wrong paint right. God works that way too. His mercies are new every morning and no matter what my wrong may have messed up He is willing to give me another chance to make it right. Just a little life lesson I found inside the walls of my girls room today.

Its been a good day. Ash is happy. Smiley. Silly. Feeling good. I love days like this when my baby gherkin has nothing to do but play and play and play. No sticks. No pokes. No pain. Just a day at home to do all those things that 2 years olds should be doing. At this moment she is playing Jingle Bells on her mini piano(quite loudly) and dancing to the sounds of it. Something about the tune is cracking her up and her cracking up is causing me to also. I love this girl and this life. Hope your day was blessed and I hope it didn't include the wrong paint! Take care my friends. Trish


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