Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Here is our sweet Ashley Kate. Her eyes have finally opened up a little more and as you can tell they are still squinty. All I can say to those who have been offended is this, "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"

Dave and I would welcome ANY child, from ANY country, of ANY race into our family. Our hearts were and are very soft toward the children of China and originally thought that is where our daughter would be born. In this case God had other plans for us and gave us Ashley Kate who was born here in Texas.

We are the LAST people in the world who could be accused of being racists or insensitive. If we offended our Chinese readers we are deeply sorry, but in NO WAY were our comments racist.

No matter what happens in this journey whether we are having good days or bad days there are always a few people compared to the hundreds of loving, compassionate, and sincere who want to attack us, criticize us, or say a loud " HA, HA, you get what you deserve" to us. I guess you can go ahead and try to tear us up , but the joy that comes from loving this child will NEVER be taken away by those words.

We are happy people. Thats it. Plain and Simple and we have been taught to be grateful for every moment of this life. Thanks for loving Ash and checking on her today. Have a blessed weekend. Trish


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