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Moving Day

Sort of... at least for Ashley Kate. It was in fact moving day and we have just finished rearranging the furniture in our room so that we could move our baby gherkin's crib from her nursery into our room. After spending the last week bending over into her portable crib my back has had it and so has my energy level. The crib re-location was very, very necessary. On top of that, we need space. Open floor space to work with Ash as we try and try to encourage her to move. The only space we could come up with in our little yellow house was the nursery and with the crib inside of it there is none. So now we will have a really adorable therapy room complete with comfortable rug(since all of the floors in our rooms are hardwoods) to get down to business. Tomorrow morning I will be moving her therapy mat, ball, gait trainer, and amtryke into the nursery space. Currently each one of those things reside in a different room inside our little home because we have NO extra space to store them.

We actually considered moving the family this spring and were all on board and ready to go, but when Ash became sick again our finances took another turn in that direction and we have decided to wait a little longer. We hope to have a long stretch of "health" and time at home in order to rebound enough to take on a higher house payment that will afford us the extra space we desperately are in need of. None of us are too upset about the change in plans. We love our little house and hate to even think of moving some day, but life is very different for us now then it was when we bought it and along with the changes in our family we will eventually have to make a change in our home. I just know that God knows our need for more space and tonight I rest in knowing that He also knows what is best for us. The actual moving day will come when it is supposed to come so for now I will just keep rearranging to meet Ash's needs.

As we finished assembling her crib Dave looked up and said while fighting a grin, "I can't believe we have a 2 and 1/2 year old sleeping in our room." I just smiled and replied, "soon it will be a 3 year old and then a 4 year old and probably a 5 year old." Our "rules" just don't apply to Ashley Kate. Things might be different, actually I know they would, if she didn't have a central line she pulls at, an ostomy bag she removes so that she might "finger paint" with her own blood, a g tube she likes to pull out, etc., etc., etc. Perhaps the day will come when she will be free from all the "extras" and allowing her to cry it out as she fights sleep wouldn't be quite as dangerous as it is now. Until then, (especially while she is on coumidin) when she isn't sleeping neither are mom and dad, and she has the privelage of residing in our bedroom(something Blake and Allison were never allowed to do).

Anyway, I'm tired. Ash and I hung out until 4a.m this morning. Neither of us had a nap today and we are ready to sleep. I am refusing to put Blue on and she is refusing to lay down and sleep without a fight. As long as she is allowed to lay between us in our bed and pull our hair, our eyelashes, our lips, and anything else she can get a hold of then life is good for her. We can't help but smile about it because we wouldn't want it any other way. She is ornery and adorable and she's here. We may be tired, but we are grateful.

I wanted to let you know that I was made aware of a website that has been created to keep people updated about baby Lauren. is the address. I know what an encouragement it has been to us to here that so many are praying for Ash so I would encourage you to leave this family a quick note to let them know your are praying for their baby. Thank you so much for loving others the way that you do. I was so blessed to here that so many of you had begun to pray for this baby. I have no idea what God will do, but I know that He loves baby Lauren as much as He loves my Ashley Kate. That is one thing that I do know.


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