Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Family Time

I love that smile!

We arrived home late last night from Livingston. The children slept walked from the car into their beds. I carried a smiley, wide eyed Ashley Kate into our room and went to make sure Blake and Allie had actually found their way into their rooms. They were both snoring as I tiptoed into their rooms. I returned to our room to put Ash into bed and found her giggling and applauding my return. I was so tired and hoped that putting her to bed would be successful. Thankfully it was. Our sweet baby turned to her side, clapped her hands one more time and then closed her eyes. Dave and I carried our bags in and dropped them inside the door(something I am regretting this morning) and went to bed ourselves. I lay there thanking God for the family time He had given and for Ashley's life and "health" and blessings.

What fun we had together. The boys won there first game Saturday morning as Dave and I and the girls drove over after Al's soccer game (which didn't end so well) and we arrived in time for the second of the day. Our Tarheels lost by a couple in the next game but actually it turned out the way we had hoped because it gave them the opportunity to play for 3 games the next day instead of earning a "bye". I think they were the third seed going into the tournament play on Sunday. We played three close, hard fought games, against quality pitchers and good team and ultimately or Tarheels came out on top at the end of the day. Resulting in another championship. We were very proud of them. The baseball was great. The opportunity to watch our son play the game he loves so much was a blessing. The knowledge that just one week early the little girl who sat on her daddy's lap pulling off and putting on his baseball cap had been sitting in her hospital bed was almost too much to take into my heart. I welled up in tears several times as I watched her play the weekend away. She was back at the ballpark doing "normal" things and spending time with her family. God is so incredibly good to us!

Many, many people know who Ashley is and what she has been through but fewer children understand who she is and why she is different. Yesterday the little girls who had spent the weekend playing with Allie suddenly realized that Ash had a "tube" attached to her and that something wasn't the way it was supposed to be. Before I realized it, as Allie was sitting in front of me getting her ponytail fixed with her best friend next to her we were surrounded by a group of wide eyed, curious little girls who wondered what that tube was all about and wanted to know why they couldn't touch her or her toys or her books. As I fixed Al's hair I did my best to simply explain the differences in Ash and other babies and then I heard a voice behind me chip in and do it much more effectively. One of their mother's said, "but she is happy, and cute, and alive and you don't have to be afraid of her. She is still a little girl and she is very sweet." Simple. To the point. Beautiful. Words that touched my heart as Ashley and Allie's mom. There will be many moments in our lives that will require these "explanations" for the girl's sakes and what a lovely way to put it. My heart was truly grateful for her help. The girls said, "Oh, she is so cute" and away they ran to continue playing.

Ashley Kate is still sleeping this morning refusing to open those eyes. We have lots of playing, unpacking, and laundry to do today. I think she is concentrating on the latter two tasks and forgetting that her only job is to play. Silly girl. She needs to get up and jump into this pile of toys as I jump into the pile of dirty uniforms that need washing. Its going to be a blessed day! Hope you enjoy yours.


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