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The Important Things in Life

My two girls are sprawled across our family room. Sleeping. Isn't that great? It looks like my wish for two nights in a row without the voices of Steve and Blue is going to come true. Our little pickle is exhausted! I think all of her fit throwing finally caught up with her. Blake is on the road tonight traveling with friends to his ball tournament in Livingston, Tx. We will join him there tomorrow afternoon. How blessed we are to have such good friends that I know I can trust with my son. He has always been surrounded by his teammates and through the years we have made some very good friends. We are surely blessed.

The kids and I had a talk this afternoon on the way home from school. We actually had several errands to run picking up this and that for their games this weekend. We decided that through Ashley Kate's life and all of the times she has struggled we as a family have learned to just relax and enjoy this life. There aren't too many day to day things that occur that can ruffle our feathers anymore. We're just content and happy during her good days to be together and the little things aren't worth getting upset about. It's a wonderful way to live.

Earlier in the day Dave and I had lunch together and we were discussing something along those same lines. It had to do with our business, but essentially we talked about how we do the work for the love of the job and the patients and we let God work out all the rest. He has never failed to provide us with amazing patients and families. Its really fun to be Dave(most days)and to be married to him(most days. ha ha). This past week was "Beach Week" in our office and he went to work wearing Hawaiian shirts and flip flops every day. It was his best week ever! No shaving, no ironing, no stress. Just tons of fun, a fruit and smoothie bar, island music, a few funny looks, but mostly great patients who can appreciate his personality and laid back attitude about life. You know that whole "rainbow and daisy" syndrome he has.

Anyway, the important things in life are what we have learned to identify. Family, Friends, God, Souls, Kindness, Laughter, Appreciation, Peace. Its really what life is all about. If we can make a difference to each other, in the lives of others, and in the process allow what we do to lead to Christ then all the rest of this nonsense is just details.

I think we "convinced" Blake, Allie, and Ashley just how "blessed" they are to have us for parents(ha, ha. I was just kidding around with them), but honestly I would encourage you to take a deep breath and look for whats important in your life and don't worry about the rest. The bad times are tough, but the good times are incredible. Without enduring the difficulty I don't think we would have ever truly appreciated the joy that can be found in the ordinary, every day.

God bless you guys this weekend. We're going to go lay down and SLEEP. Yeah us! Ashley Kate is snoring and I am so happy! Enjoy your Saturday and your families. Trish


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