Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


We've returned

Ash and I have returned from Shreveport and are now ready for a nap! She screamed and screamed at EVERYONE you can imagine this morning. I knew she wouldn't be happy about this appointment, but I honestly didn't expect her to yell at everyone.

As soon as we walked outside of the hospital she was all smiles. Can you say "turn it on and turn it off"? This little girl is smart! She clapped and giggled all the way home.

The central line that was placed last Tuesday is turned. It has a twist in it right inside of her chest wall. This is why the blood just stopped flowing. There isn't much that can be done about it. They sent 4 wires (all different sizes) down it hoping to have it un twist as they pulled them out, but it didn't work. The went ahead and used some TPA(its a clot buster) in the line and it seems to be flowing a little better now. Apparently blood is collecting at the point of the twist causing the line to be a little sluggish. For now (without another surgery) we have done what can be done. If need be we will repeat these procedures again and again until she comes off of the coumidin. We were also able to remove the surgi seal from the insertion site. This is the part that wasn't pretty. She was ANGRY as we worked on her. It had hardened over her sutures and was stuck. Getting it off proved to be difficult, but it is now off and she is no longer bleeding from the site. So all in all today was a success.

We have about an hour and half before baseball practice and I am hoping to close my eyes for a few of those minutes. I won't even tell you how much sleep Ashley allowed Dave and I to get last night. I'll just share with you that her daddy said, "Things are going to change around here." We'll just see if she cooperates or not.

Thanks for checking on her today. We really appreciate the time you spend here with us. By the way I wanted to say thank you to Renee, Ash loves the book and the kids smiled so wide!, Candi, it was very sweet of you to think of Ash this Easter, Lori, we loved the sunglasses and nail polish and I'll try to post a pic for you, Janiece, the Bible is wonderful!, and Amanda the check is in the mail!

P.S. Allie's puppy is a maltese and she is wonderful. We have had her since Thanksgiving. I highly recommend them.


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