Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Minute by minute

Thats the way things go around here. Instead of a procedure on Ash this afternoon we will be having one done at 9am tomorrow morning. She will first be seen in interventional radiology where they will send a wire into her new central line in hopes of pushing through a suspected clot. How in the world she could clot off this line when she has been on a heparin drip and now on coumidin to keep any more clots from forming is beyond me, but thats what they think has happened. Then we will be seen in the clinic to try and remove some surgi-seal that was placed on top of the insertion site to stop the heavy bleeding she was having last week. The surgi-seal has hardened into a rock like scab and I can't seem to get it off. We will attempt it in their offices tomorrow afternoon.

So we will be in Shreveport for a good portion of the day tomorrow and hope to be home by late afternoon with a working line and our baby in tow. You've got to be ready for change at all times in this house when your raising a pickle. Talk to you later. Trish


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