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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


You've Just Gotta Love...

Grandmas because they do things like this:

Grandma thought Ash's feeding pump backpack needed to look a little more "Ashley" and so this is what she had done for her today. Put her name on something and add a big bow and it instantly becomes SO "Ashley". She had not one but two(the other one is zebra striped with hot pink embroidery) new backpacks made for Ash today in Canton and I love them. They look SO much better than the standard issue pack sent out by our home health companies. To be honest I never even thought about getting her something other than what we were "supposed" to use. Like I said, you've just gotta love grandmas. Ash sure has a great one!

Its been an amazing week and we are looking forward to more amazing times with Ash this weekend. We finally decided to just stay home this weekend and rest after going back and forth and back and forth about it. Dave's been really sick this week and hasn't had a voice since last Thursday and Blake has been working hard running in speed camp the past two weeks. They both think resting sounds pretty good. Allie has gone to Grandma's to spend the night and hlep decorate a float to drive in their annual 4th of July parade(it travels through the neighborhoods out in their "neck of the woods") and we are going to sleep as late as the pickle will allow in our house tomorrow. I think I'll scrapbook all weekend and just enjoy being home. Hope you all enjoy your plans for the holiday and hope you have lots of memory making opportunities. Love you guys. Trish


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