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Until recently I had forgotten that I never shared any picture of Allison's "new" bedroom. Life gets crazy around here, especially on the weekends, and things I thought I did or planned to do somehow get overlooked. Anyway, a few asked me over the weekend if they could see what we did with Allie's room and so I am going to try and show you. Keep in mind that our house is really small and the bedrooms aren't that big so taking pictures is a little difficult, but I think you will be able to see the colors, the bedding, the chandelier, and the new bed in these. If you have anymore questions let me know and I will try and answer them for you. Here we go.

This first picture shows the view from her bedroom door looking into her room. My favorite thing in her new room is the original artwork she painted to match. The piece in this photograph is super simple, but I love it. I think you can kind of see another of her painting in the background that she has sitting on an easel on the floor.

The second picture shows some of the pieces on her wall. We found these accessories at Hobby Lobby and we loved them. The colors matched the plum color of her walls and her bedding but also added a green and orange to the mix so we picked up a couple more pillows to help tie them into her bedding. The word on this wall is faith. The opposite wall says believe. I love the feeling these words bring. Very inspirational and I hope they encourage Allie to dream big each night as she closes her eyes.

The next photo give a close up view of the fabrics and pillows on her bed. Her old bed was a pink and white floral Pottery Barn quilt that I absolutely loved. Very girly. The new bed is made up rich velvet, a little bit of ivory colored lace, some silk and satin on the pillows and the bed skirt, and some beading. Allie chose the bedding herself and at first I didn't like it that much, but I ordered it for her birthday as a surprise and once the room was painted it was perfect. It is still very girly, just a grown up style of girly.

I love the splash of lime green mixed in with the deep purples and mauve. The new bed is a treasure I found in Canton at first Mondays. I walked and walked the entire day looking for just the right bed and once I stumbled upon this one I knew it was the look I wanted for her room. It is an old iron bed that has been painted white. It is a perfect mix of old and new with its scratches and personality. We both love it.

I picked up this night stand at Target after looking all throughout First Monday and not finding anything that would work. Its not my favorite piece because it just looks too new for my liking, but for now it is serving the purpose we need it too. The lamp is a wonderful piece I found on my trip to Canton and the jewelry box came with those pieces we found at Hobby Lobby. Again I love the mix of the purple and the green together. I added a couple of old glass knobs to the drawers to help tie it in with the knobs on her furniture.

The next piece is the armour(sp?) that was originally built for our nurseries. It used to be whitewashed and it used to sit in Blake's nursery. It then became his sisters once she was born. I put a new coat of paint on it and added the glass hardware to it. I love this piece of furniture not only for its function but also for the sentimental feelings that come along with it. I thinks its beautiful and can't imagine it not ever being a part of the girls rooms. It was built by my stepfather who has gone on to heaven and it along with the next piece you will see are things he made for my children. He loved them very much.
The dresser was also originally made to go is Blake's nursery. It became Allison's once she was born and Blake moved into his big boy room at the age of 2. I added a new coat of paint to it as well and the same glass hardware as I did on the other furniture. I love the old but new look it has and it definitely fits my motto of being well loved. The lamp on top has the same purple beading as the chandelier and the candle holder is actually one of those old sugar molds from Mexico that you find in Canton. The "bling" on the front(I know its hard to see) is actually an old broach that has been glued on and it is perfect for this room. The candles are a nice shade of green.

Finally the chandelier. This is the piece she convinced me she needed to go in her new room. It was actually a birthday gift and she loves it. I hand beaded the splashes of purple to help it blend into the room a little better. It is the same beading that is on the lamp on top of her dresser. When it is turned on it casts the most beautiful shadows on the ceiling and the walls and if I were completely honest it is just as nice lying on her bed and looking up at the shadows as it was looking up at the puffy clouds that used to be there.

I also love her windows, but it was difficult getting pictures of them. You can kind of see bits and pieces of the window dressings throughout the photographs. I love the fabric. It is crinkly and soft and the perfect shade to go with her sheets and pillows. I love the soft look it gave to the room. There is also a cream colored shag carpet rug that sits in front of her bed. It is soft and wonderful and helped to soften the look of her room. The walls are a beautiful shade of cream and plum and the floors are hardwood. Allison loves her new room and tells me she feels so grown up now. I love knowing that we were able to give her a place she can call her own and that the memories she makes inside of it will last a lifetime.

I love peeking in on her at night and watching her sleep. She really has grown up into a beautiful young lady and she deserves a beautiful place to rest. I love her very much and I am so proud of her. Gone are the days of playing polly pockets and baby dolls. Now I find her reading books or painting her toenails. They grow up so fast. I only have 8 more years with this
"little" girl and then its off to college. Yikes!

Hope you enjoyed the tour. Trish


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