Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


So this is...

... The baby sister who felt good enough to spend her weekend cheering on the...

...The big brother who we wish wasn't so afraid of getting down and getting dirty...

... to win another Super Series Texas State Championship Title...

It was one of the hardest tournament brackets we have ever played in and these guys were AMAZING! They lost both of the pool play games yesterday and were the 11th seed walking into this morning's games. They battled from 10am till 12 am and won their way into another title. After 4 games today, 3 of them back to back, this Tarheel team got to yell, "Happy Father's Day" to their dads with State Championship trophys in their hands. It was so FUN!

Ash rebounded so well from her scare on Thursday and seems to be absolutely fine. No signs of any trouble and we are so, so grateful. She looked really good over the weekend and was pretty happy. A little tired, but happy. We will send labs early this week and continue to watch her closely since she'd had such a high fever last week. So far so good on all of her cultures. No news is always good news when waiting for growth. We walked in the door at 2:30 this morning and tucked all the children into their beds. They were snoring before I could turn out their lights. Dave was too. He spent the weekend at a conference and then came out to the ball field this afternoon to watch Blake play. To say he's a proud dad would be an understatement. Days like today don't happen everyday and it was pretty special to see it all unfold. Well, I'm pretty sleepy myself and snoring sounds like a good idea to me.

Hope your weekends were just as exciting as ours. Talk to you tomorrow. Trish


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