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Summertime is Here

How do I know? Because its 11pm and the house is still a buzz with activity. Doors are slamming. Children are running. The smell of popcorn is floating through the rooms. The girls are watching a movie and the boys are playing video games. When I say girls I mean all 4 of them( our Allison, her best friend and two of my nieces). When I say boys I mean all 3 of them(our Blake and his two Tarheel buddies). Thats a total of 7 children between the ages of 8 and 12 who are all LOVING the fact that its a Tuesday evening and they DON'T have to be in bed. Being a kid is SO great! I have a feeling that a few practical jokes are in store for the girls once they fall asleep. Call me crazy, but the boys came in from watching some of their friends win a city championship game tonight covered in shaving cream and I happened to see the leftover cans tucked into Blake's bat bag. They promised to only pick on their sisters, but somehow I don't think its going to matter. At some point tonight I'll be picking up the pieces and cleaning up shaving cream.

Tomorrow we have plans of going to the pool and the pond for the day. Ashley Kate will be staying home and hanging out with her Nan while I take the kids for a day filled with summertime fun. That is if they can wake up in the morning!

Ash had a good day. She is working really hard in her stander and in her gait trainer. We heard that Ash took two steps forward in it this afternoon while I was a the grocery store. I haven't seen her actually do it, but my nieces sure were excited to tell us about it. She even had a little spaghetti and some garlic bread for dinner tonight. When I say a little I mean very little, but the exciting thing is that she was interested in what we were eating and it wasn't baby food. It was real table food. Her labs came back with a "perfect" PT and INR level and her doctor was pleased. Her coumadin level is finally settling and her blood clotting is at the level they want it to be. She seems to be getting a little on the dry side again, but I am increasing her fluid intake tonight and will draw labs again on Thursday.

Well, I can hear the boys rummaging in the kitchen and now the dog is barking so I'm going to go run interference before they wake Ashley Kate and her daddy up. Its just another night at our house and I really love being home to enjoy it with kids and their friends. Take care and God bless. Trish


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