Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


At the end of the weekend...

Blake looked like this:

(he's the one in the middle wearing the catcher's gear)

And Ashley Kate looked like this:

Whew! What a long day! The boys went all the way and won the final game with 9-5 win that ended around 9:30 last night. Ashley Kate came out of the RV for the final game with NO ponytail and NO hair bow! Her daddy was in charge of her between games and said he "forgot". Oh, well I was toooo tired to go back out and fix this little problem so THIS is what our pickle looked like for the night. If you know me, I'm mean really know me, then you KNOW this is unacceptable for one of my girls, but when the day began at 6:30am for the first game which started at 8 and didn't finish until 9:30pm you have to give up a few things. In this case it was a ponytail and hairbow.

Anyway, it was a great weekend. We laughed a lot and cheered a lot and had a wonderful time. Ashley was extremely grumpy all day Saturday which made me suspicious that something might be up with her, but by evening she was her silly self so I thought perhaps I was just being paranoid. Sunday was a good day for. She felt really good and wasn't near as disagreeable. Then about 12:30 this morning she began throwing up in her car seat. She settled down and went back to sleep. We finally crawled into our beds at 1:30 this morning and she slept all night with no problems. At 9 this morning she threw up again. Around 9:45am she spiked a low fever and now I'm REALLY suspicious. I'm thinking a possible line infection may be brewing but won't be for sure until I can get orders to draw a culture and then we will have to wait up to 72 hours to be in the clear. I'm really praying that nothing is going on, but things don't seem right. She's just a little puny and not herself this morning. Your prayers for her would be greatly appreciated. Blake is his optimistic self(just like his dad) and says he thinks its really nothing. I talked to Allie(who is in Oklahoma until we pick her up this weekend) and she began chanting, "NO HOSPITAL, NO HOSPITAL" over and over. I hope she's right.

I hope your weekend was full of memories that you will hold tightly too just like ours was. We never pass up an opportunity to laugh, play, and enjoy our friends and family. Life is too precious! Have a great day and God bless. Trish


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