Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Good Mornings

It has become my favorite part of the day. If you knew me before Ashley Kate you might be choking on that last sentence because I used to treasure sleep. It was one of my favorite things, but now its just so fun to wake up and begin our day that I lay there and wait for the applause to begin. Its the applause from inside the crib that announce she is awake and ready to play. Its the applause that tell us she has slept well, is feeling great, and just can't wait for one of us to walk over there and pick her up. Those applause have made ordinary, everyday mornings into good mornings in our home.

Once her eyes have opened she rolls over and peeks out at us between the slats of her crib. I love to catch her doing this because it floods my heart with memories. Memories of her big brother who used to do the same. Memories of her big sister's brown eyes that could be caught doing it as well. I love knowing that her crib once held the tiny body of my son and the beautiful rolls and rolls of baby chub that her sister once owned. Dave built the crib when we were expecting Blake's arrival almost 13 years ago and it has always been one of my favorite pieces in our home. Its just right that Ashley Kate's sweet head rests in there.

A few minutes after peeking through the slats you will see a hand come over the top and five tiny fingers begin to wave and tap. She's testing us now. Testing us to see we are awake enough to notice and if we will begin our "good mornings" yet. I like to just watch her fingers for a while. I stay as quiet as possible because I know that in just a few moments she will begin and once she does the smile that comes across my sleepy face draws me out of my warm bed to retrieve the precious gift that God blessed our home with. She claps and claps as I approach and her excitement grows with every step. Once I arrive above her and begin to greet her the smile that she shares is so full of JOY that I can't help but giggle out loud. She is so, sooo happy that the day has arrived. What will she get into today? What will we play? What is Blue up to? Where will we go? She has so much to do, to learn, to enjoy, to love. She just can't wait for it all to start, but first we must snuggle. Her little self into my chest. She fits so perfectly even at almost 3. Her legs are getting so long, but she draws them up into a little ball and lays her head on my shoulder. Her tiny hands reach around my neck and her fingers begin to pat my shoulder. Yep, she loves me and it feels SO good. She can't say it yet, but she sure can show it. I love that she lingers there for so long. Good mornings make for good days. They have never been sweeter. I'm so glad she's here to share them with. I love this bundle of baby girl so very much.

This morning we are packing to head over to Lufkin. The Tarheels have a tournament bracket to get through this weekend. Next weekend they will play in another state tournament over in Dallas(last weekend was Super Series next weekend is Triple Crown) and then we will have a week off to rest before heading to Round Rock, Texas for a whole week to play in our series Nationals. The season is winding down and then they will take a few weeks off before we begin the fall season in August. Blake hates the weeks off, but we are hoping to occupy him with a little strength training to get his body ready to go again. Ashley Kate is bathed and dressed and ready to go. She's wondering what is taking us so long since her things are packed and she's been waiting for a while. She, just like the older two, don't realize how much work mom and dad have to do to get everyone and all their things packed up, loaded and on the road. I guess I better go and finish my part before Dave realizes I'm not working as hard as he is right now. I just wanted to say "good morning" and wish you all a restful, relaxing weekend full of blessing. Hope you have a chance to enjoy it. Take care. Trish


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