Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


The Lip

Oh my GOODNESS! I can't keep from cracking up each and every time she pulls this on me. It happens anytime I attempt to correct her, make her work on therapy, or put her into her bed. She can't be serious, can she? This face is too adorable to convince this mommy that life is really all that bad. I'm sure this lip is bringing back an image or two for my own parents. What Ashley Kate doesn't know is that her mommy was the master at pulling the "lip" in my younger years, and I'm sure if you ask Dave he might tell you that even he has seen me try it a time or two.

I don't have much time to share right now, but she is doing some AMAZING things in therapy each day and I want to show the pictures, give you the details and share my heart and what God is doing with it. Maybe tonight once the house is quiet and all the children are sleeping I will be able to sit still long enough to write. Anyway, I finally caught the "lip" on film and had to share. Hope your having a great day. God bless. Trish


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