Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


The News Just Got Worse

Our doctor just came in the room and said "I just spoke with Omaha and it is a bad case of rejection, they would like her there as soon as possible so I am going to write the transfer orders now." Please pray with us that all the arrangements, flights, ambulances etc. will go smoothly as we make our way to Omaha, and again I ask for your prayers for Ashley as she will now be .......I just got the call from the air transport and they said they will be here within 3 hours of the time we say go (a prayer already answered) so now we are just waiting on Omaha to call back and say they have a bed. Please pray for Trish as she is in Longview and will be packing and heading back here (Shreveport). Pray for safe travel for her as I know she is having a very hard time with the news. Thank you for praying for our family.



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