Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



First of all I will share that we have heard NOTHING from pathology and Dave and I are trying to be patient and not worry, but the longer it is taking the harder it is becoming. If Ashley Kate continues to be in ongoing rejection this will make 4 days since she has received any treatment for the rejection. That is very concerning to us. We are having another hard day as we wait for word.

At 2:30 it will be 48 hours since her biopsy. Its been some of the longest 48 hours we've ever lived.

Ashley's fever reached 102.9 during the night and then sometime between 3am and 5:30am it broke. When she woke this morning she had none, but by 1:30 she was fading. She now has another fever but no rash. Nothing has come back positive from any stool or blood cultures. In a way that is good, but in a way its not. We have no idea what were dealing with and so we have no way of helping her get better. She was negative for C-diff and for roto. I'm thankful for those negatives, but wish we knew how to help her. The stool output continues to increase and she is now putting out more than 95ccper kilo. It is a tremendous amount of stool. I've never seen it like this. I don't think its encouraging. It is very likely that her bowel is stooling this much because it remains in rejection. How I wish we knew something. The fevers and the mucous found inside the bowel point to an infection, but we can't find one.

Basically we know NOTHING, except that she is weak and sick.

I'm not afraid to let you all know that the next level in treatment for rejection terrifies me. It truly does.


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