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Still Waiting

Update: We won't know the results of the biopsy today. A mistake was made and the messenger who was to take them to the lab yesterday after the scope did not see the urgency and failed to take them on time. They are not being read until tonight and we will not know anything until sometime tomorrow. Trying to see the bigger "purpose" for this delay through my disappointment. I'm sure this too had a reason for happening. I just don't know what it was. I usually don't see or understand for sometime afterward and sometimes not at all. I just have to believe it was no accident.

Nothing has been shared with us. The pathologists reports were not available by rounds this morning and we have been waiting all day to hear something. Why is it that waiting is so hard to do? My stomach has been in knots all day. Dave has called multiple times today as he was running between patients and the waiting is proving difficult for his as well. We just need to know what direction we are going. Anything would help. The answer will surely give us insight to the approximate length of time our stay will be. Obviously if she is negative for rejection then we have a much better chance of getting closer to home. I'm so hoping for good news.

Ashley's fever spiked so high that we sent cultures once again. It could be a line infection. It could just be related to this ugly rash that travels around her body. It could be what was stirred up yesterday during the scope. When the fever is gone she feels pretty good. At this moment she is sitting on the rug looking for pumpkins in a magazine. She just looks so cute and so grown up. We might have to draw and cut out some to hang on our walls. We're thinking of drawing some paw prints too so that we can play our own little game of Blue's Clues. I think it would make her smile to look for clues around our room.

We'll be sure and let you know the results as soon as we hear something.


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