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Thinking Out Loud

So...based on rounds and my discussion with the new transplant surgeon on the team(whom I think is AWESOME!!!) I'm gonna just share a few of my thoughts out loud with you all. Don't hold me to this plan, but it COULD happen this way. The surgeon even said so.

We will continue treating Ashely Kate's rejection with two more doses. One today, one tomorrow. Rest her on Sunday. Scope and biopsy on Monday or Tuesday and...

(this is the good part)

IF the bowel is out of rejection and IF we can begin her feeds and IF she can tolerate them and IF she does not stool out and IF she doesn't actually have this infection that grew out yesterday(it could be a contaminate) and IF we are advancing without any secondary complications THEN...

I'm gonna quote this guy who happens to be my new favorite transplant surgeon in the whole wide world "then we can let you guys get out of here."


Let me double check. So I ask, "IF all of these are happening and IF we can start her feeds then could we possibly transfer closer to home?" I'm obviously shaking by this point.

With a nod of his head he answers, "Sure, I don't see why not. Your an educated mom and I think you have a pretty good handle on whats going on here. Sure."

So, by this point I want to jump up and grab this guy(whom I just met this week) and hug him like no other and declare that I think he rocks.

I am currently seeing the light that Ashley Kate spotted under the door and hoping that it will swing open and shine, shine, shine. It could happen, don't you think? I mean there are a lot of IF's, but God is pretty Big and He could pull this off in a couple of weeks.

We might actually make Omaha history(for us anyway) and escape in record time. It could happen.


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